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Relaunching through COVID

It's not often that our world goes through a near total shutdown, and everyone around the globe is effected. March 20, 2020 marks the day that I left the Tribune-Review, and went into dad mode and back into full time self employed status. This isn't the first time I launched my business during a crisis. In 2008, just a year after graduation, we went into an economic crisis, but the world continues to run, and just like we did during 2008, we will get through this pandemic, and hopefully be stronger as a nation, and as families.

For me, the shutdown of daycare and business meant getting to spend time with my daughter. We walked miles every day for the first few weeks, then we started visiting with family and close friends, and each day I watched her grow in self confidence a little bit more. We laughed, cried, danced in the rain, painted, hiked, and repeated, day after day. I kept my camera nearby and watched as she came to see the world through new eyes, no longer just seeing it in the evening after daycare, but experiencing it every day. These are the photos that I love of my family. This is a portrait of our life. It's the story of our little family going through life, love, and adventure.

We all have our own stories, and it's my joy to capture those for you.


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